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About Nova

Nova Goods products are handmade by Aubrey Wood in Los Angeles, California using natural dyes on 100% linen, silk, cotton, and rayon. 

When I was growing up, my mom always had amazing vintage pieces around the house. When we would ask for one, she would tell us to put our name on it and when she was ready to pass it down she would know who called dibs. I call my work "Nova" because one of those vintage gems I wanted so badly was my Dad's 1970 Chevy Nova. To me, that car was (and will always be) the ultimate symbol of American Badassery. That sense of adventure and lust for life inspires my work. All my designs are inspired by the California experience. Places like Big Sur, the Mojave Desert, Redwood Forest are all sources for ideas. Whether it's the night sky outside my tent or the crashing waves of the Pacific, the outdoors are incredible gifts for an artist. Nova pieces take tons of hard work, love and manual labor to create and I do it all myself. I buy all my fabric from trusted textile dealers in downtown LA and then cut, dye, rinse, iron, and hem each item by hand. I hope you enjoy!

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Aubrey Wood, owner and designer of Nova Goods