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Plant Magic Dye Kit
Plant Magic Dye Kit
Plant Magic Dye Kit

Plant Magic Dye Kit

$ 40.00

Harness the magic of the natural world with our plant magic dye kit! This kit includes everything you need to create your very own bundle-dyed silk scarf. Give as a gift to your favorite creative friend or hoard for yourself (we won't judge)!

This kit includes: 

-One ready to dye 17"x17" silk scarf 


-Cotton Twine

-Cochineal (bugs that feed off of prickly pear cacti and create pink/red hues)

-Logwood (wood chips that create purple/blackish brown tones)

-Onion Skins (Yellow/orange)

-Various petals and leaves (Surprise! Creates a range of color depending on what is included/seasonal) 

Tip: Get even more creative and add your own food scraps and flower scraps!

Some of our favorite uses for silk scarves:

Tie your new scarf around your neck or in your hair for an effortlessly chic look.

Tie onto your bag for a pop of color and whimsy.

Use as wrapping for a special gift

Wrap your hair in your scarf while you sleep to tame wild frizz and take advantage of all that botanical magic.

Use as a blindfold for any silky blindfolding needs you may have (wink wink)


NOTE: Online order will NOT ship in glass mason jars in order to reduce shipping costs. Allow up to 2 weeks for shipping